How many AV system categories Rayva offers?

Based on good, better, best performance levels Rayva offers 3 system categories Bronze , Silver and Gold


Are Rayva AV equipment covered by warranty?

The Rayva AV equipment and their parts are covered by their manufacturer's warranty.

How many seats are included in a Rayva solution?

The price of the smallest room size in the Bronze, Silver and Gold category includes four leather, motorized seats at $2000 per seat


Does Rayva offer seat upgades?

Yes it does. End-users can select seat upgrades of their choice. The cost of the upgrade is added to the MSRP of the theater


Is installation included in the price of a RAYVA theater?

It is not. Installation is priced separately


Is there a suggested installation price?

Rayva suggests a price of $5,000-$8,000


What does the suggested installation price cover?

Typically $2,000 to $2,500 of the installation price covers the installation of the design theme and the acoustic panels. The balance covers prewiring and AV installation


What determines the actual installation price?

The price of the installation of a Rayva theater depends on the labor costs in the territory where the theater is installed 


What else does the installation price include?

  1. The installtion of the theater's design theme
  2. The seat assembly
  3. A two-year service contract - The AV integrator can also negotiate an extended service contract directly with the client.